5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Relevant

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Email Marketing is Here to Stay!

For nearly 50 years emailing has been a trademark of the internet and it is still going strong today. Now, after years of fake Nigerian princes and long lost relatives contacting us for money, is email still important? Email marketing is a proven tool that any business owner should be ready to use and understand! Here a 5 reasons not to forget about email marketing!

Email Marketing | Arcitech - Transform Your Brand

1. It Just Works

Email is old and compatible with almost every smartphone, tablet, computer and more. It is versatile and writing an email on a single device will automatically make it ready to work almost anywhere. All devices made by major companies come with an inbuilt email system of some description. Emails are free for a consumer to receive and are easy to fill with large amounts of content. Similarly, email provides clear backups of information in an ordered way so consumers can refer back to your content.

2. It’s Cheap

As mentioned above, emails are free for a consumer but they are also inexpensive for a business. Small businesses can quickly prepare email newsletters with minimal costs compared to other forms of marketing. In comparison to other marketing methods email is almost entirely free. As a business grows, writing frequent emails may become difficult and time consuming. However, there are many services and professionals who can help busy business owners and manage mailing lists.

3. It Looks Good

Email lets your business build credibility and reputation through the distribution of helpful and informative content. This inspires confidence in consumers and increases the likelihood they will choose your business in the future. Emails are professional form of communication and help a business to establish its status. This can be seen when even companies focused on new technology, such as Uber, use emails to convey information.

4. Builds Relationships

Frequent communication with consumers is important when you are trying to develop and build strong consumer relationships. Email can be quickly and easily used to do this. An important part of establishing a connection is personalised contact and it is easy to personalise content in an email. A steady flow of emails newsletters ensures that your business will always be at the top of your consumer’s minds therefore driving sales.

5. It Drives Sales

Data from studies has revealed that consumers will make more sales using information from emails such as coupons or product lists. 64 percent of internet users have printed coupons they received in emails; ensuring they purchase from a specific company. Advertising new products, ranges or even products to accompany a purchase can all be done through emails!

Emailing and other marketing forms combine for maximum efficiency so therefore a business owner should investigate all options. Although they are effective, each business has its own unique needs and requirements.

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