Controlling Consumers with Colour

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What colour is your business logo? How does it convey your brand? There are many theories around how colours affect consumers, despite limited scientific evidence. Many businesses from small to large leverage some basic guidelines around the use of colours to maximise their effectiveness.

Colour Psychology

Colour can change consumer moods and attitudes therefore making it an important tool in controlling and improving brand relations. Colours also play an important role in grabbing consumer attention and subtly conveying the characteristics of your brand. A good understanding of colour will let your brand stand out from the rest!

Blue Colour House | Arcitech - Transform Your Brand


Blue conveys productivity, business and also in lighter shades a sense of tranquility. Darker blues indicate a more professional attitude, while lighter blues have a more calming effect. The sky encapsulates wonder and mystery ever since the ancient times when the gods were thought to live there.


Red has impact and its vibrant, strong nature stimulates passion or excitement. Softer tones of red bring feelings of warmth, love and romance according to colour psychology. Traditionally, red conveys a sense of urgency such as when its use in danger signs. Red connects to blood and life making it a good representation of fire or health.

Green Colour Garden | Arcitech - Transform Your Brand


Green has strong associations with peace, balance, harmony and nature. One of the most predominate uses of green in the current climate is to indicate environmentally friendly products. A danger to be aware of though is that dull or dark green is associated with boredom and blandness.


Yellow also brings impact but is not as strong or heavy as red. It represents optimism and happiness. This is partly because the sun brings life to Earth and light to the day. The use of yellow must be careful, however, as it requires a dark contrasting background to stand out and can be hard to read.

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