Better Batteries: The Charge Free Future

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Have you ever wished you had a better phone battery?

Modern batteries only last one or two days, but the batteries powering the future may change that! Recent research has uncovered batteries which could last months on a single charge or fully charge in seconds. Here are two of the many technologies that may change your life.

Long live “nano” batteries

University of California researchers are delving into the nano scale, seeking the everlasting battery. Using gold nano wires they built batteries which survived 200,000 recharges over three months without any damage! Using tiny wires has many benefits but until recently they always broke during recharging. The researchers dodge this issue by putting the gold nano wires in a gel electrolyte. A lot of research still needs doing to understand this novel system, but it could revolutionise the way we power our devices.

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Charge your phone in a blink

At Drexel University a new nano material called MXene could charge your batteries in seconds. MXene is a special hydrogel which allows ions, and hence charge, to rapidly move through it. The researchers believe MXene could reduce charging rates which normally take hours to minutes and seconds. The technology needs to be produced at a much larger scale before we begin to see it in consumer devices. However, in a few years from now MXene could be in every device!

The development of nano-technologies is rapidly accelerating as we work to reduce the size and efficiencies of our devices. If you are interested in the world of nano-technology and its many applications feel free to read more here.

Let us know in the comments how long your dream battery life would be! Also, if you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to check out some of our other technology related content here.

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