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Our Great Story

With a shared passion to create change and a desire to convert ideas into action, a casual brunch laid the foundations for what would become Arcitech. The ultimate goal being to provide a personalised, comprehensive solution for businesses to truly reach their digital potential at an affordable cost. Our expertise encompass digital marketing solutions including web development and technical support, whilst maintaining personal client delivery continuously. Arcitech is truly running in the spirit of that vision, with humble origins about a couple of cappuccinos, and the classic smashed avo.

Our Values

We advocate for lasting and significant impact. Why complicate things? Keep it simple. We appreciate and thrive on diversity, and inclusivity. Everyone is an asset, and brings something new to the table.

Our Goal

At Arcitech, we strive to revolutionise the way we think, act and do. We aim to provide our clients with a lasting partnership with a company that has your back and personalises content to your needs.

Our Community

We are committed to helping our community. That’s why Arcitech promises to donate 5% of our annual profits in support of a charitable organisation, handpicked in partnership with our clients.

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Our Team

prem aghera | arcitech - transforming your digital brand

Prem Aghera

Chief Executive Officer
sahel haria | arcitech - transforming your digital brand

Sahel Haria

liam peeters | arcitech - transforming your digital brand

Liam Peeters

Chief Technology Officer
sam fairs | arcitech - transforming your digital brand

Sam Fairs